A modest proposal

When Nokia wanted to introduce the Nokia 7705 Twist to its carrier, they wanted as unique a package as the phone's form factor. This proposed package, made of clear, sturdy plastic would have opened on the side.

A twist on staying connected

The package for the 7705 ended up being a direct representation of the mobile device. A grommet allows the top to twist open. The whole piece is foil-stamped to mimic the phone's finish.

Nokia E50

Packaging for The Nokia E50 one of Nokia's many smartphones.

Nokia 6682

Bilingual packaging for the Nokia 6682. Emphasis was placed on its camera feature.

Nokia 3250 XpressMusic

Packaging for the Nokia 3250 XpressMusic. XpressMusic is a brand name for a line of Nokia phones that are specially designed for music playback.