The Cilantro Chicken

When Tin Star, the Dallas-based restaurant known for its spirited, aggressive flavor profiles added cilantro chicken enchiladas to its menu, they needed a mark to help introduce the dish. This mark sums up the flavor combination at-a-glance. Designed through Utility Design Company.

Porter Lawncare & Landscape

When Casey Porter used the logo, business cards and flyers we designed for his Lawncare and Landscaping company, he saw his business triple.

Liberty Real Estate

The challenge was to combine liberty
(a concept) with real estate (another concept.) To the client's delight, we presented the solution in the form of a happy face.

Cowtown Celtic Festival

This Fort Worth-based festival wanted to differentiate itself from other North Texas events. We leveraged the visual equity of the Fort Worth steer by introducing an inner celtic knot framework.


This proposed logo with its jingle-ready tagline was developed with a discount shoe retailer in mind.


This was a proposed logo for a high-end paleterĂ­a. This frozen treat boutique combined fresh fruit juices to create new ice cream and sorbet flavors.


This was a proposed symbol for an international company whose primary mission is the discovery of new mineral resources the world over.