In Under & Around campaign

The challenge was to unify three separate services that Centex offers as a home developer. We noticed that each service, while unique, took place in a certain part of the home at different times of the construction process. We highlighted the preposition in each service and assigned a color to each. We developed an icon system to reinforce its spatial relation.

Tubes Under the Slab

Using an isometric illustration, this tri-fold brochure explains how Centex, prior to pouring the foundation, installs perforated tubing that delivers termiticide.

Tubes In the Wall

Using an illustration with isometric perspective, this tri-fold brochure explains how Centex installs perforated tubing inside the walls during construction of the home to stop pests where they live. An icon system persuades the homeowner with 5 reasons to protect their home.

Termite Baiting System Around the Home

Using a similar illustration, this tri-fold brochure explains how the Centex process for protecting the home from subterranean termites works.

In Under & Around

This brochure was primarily used at trade shows to illustrate all three Centex services in a pop-up storybook format.

Something for Everyone

Nokia is known the world over for connecting people through their technology. This brochure featured phones with CDMA technology. The mobile phones are differentiated through listed features and sample screen shots.

A Simple Quiz

LearnStar, an interactive educational service needed materials to help sell their systems to the K-12 educational market. We created the theme “make learning fun” and combined it with the interactive element inherent to their product to create a fun and informative brochure.